Woman Loading Dishwasher

Fridge getting hot under the collar? Oven not quite warming up to you? Dishwasher or Washing machine playing up?

We'll get your appliances working just like new in no time at all, without you having to take a day off work. We service all the major brands, and even the not-so-major ones.

If you're concerned about the price, we've got you covered. While other companies quote you a low-sounding "call-out" fee, then charge by the minute while they are there, we work differently. We charge a single flat fee for the repair, and there is no extra to pay if the repair takes a little longer or if we have to come back again a second time. Naturally, parts cost extra, but you'll be told clearly what parts are required and how much they will be before the repair is completed.

You'll be happy to find our service doesn't stop at the repair. Often during the repair, we'll see problems developing as a result of misuse or misinformation, and we will talk you through the solutions, giving you the benefit of our training and experience for no extra cost.